We Are Personal Injury Lawyers in Maryland

There’s the solo or very small one or two member firms who literally can’t afford to do the work necessary to properly handle a car accident case. This type of firm will try desperately to get you, the client, to settle a case early…too early. They do this, not because they don’t want more money for your case but, rather because if they have to file a lawsuit in several cases, it takes up too much time and it becomes too burdensome. So they’re willing to convince you, the client, to take less money so that they don’t have to do the necessary work to get the most money.

Maryland Personal Injury Lawyers

Then there’s the very large “factory” type law firms with a few partners and an entire building filled with case workers who have never had any formal education in the law and those people will ask you questions from a questionnaire, not really understanding anything about the process. And that case worker will work the case all the way to settlement with one goal in mind… Get you to settle at all costs. Why? Because these firms don’t do litigation at all. If you want to sue, they will sell your case to another firm that does litigation and sues people. These big factory firms don’t like to do that because they make much less money, having to share the fee with the firm they give the case to.

In each of these scenarios, the law firm has a vested interest in getting you to settle your case for less than it’s worth.

So again, how are we different?

We literally built our firm on the idea that we WILL NOT be either of those other types of firms. We will take your case from the beginning to verdict, if necessary. When we tell you the value of your case, we have no interest other than getting you the most money. When you get more money, we get more money. That’s the type of attorney you want on your side. In most cases, we sue on behalf of our clients because, usually, the insurance company doesn’t give a reasonable offer before the lawsuit is filed. They know the other types of firms are trying to settle at low amounts so they wait until after the suit before giving us what we want.

And there’s more. We, at COHEN|HARRIS, make sure that we are the absolute most prepared attorneys that EVER walk into a courtroom. We guarantee that we will know more about your case than our opponents!